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Read And Follow This Rules

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1default Read And Follow This Rules on Thu May 17, 2012 2:21 pm


Please Read Carefully And Act Upon these rules

Rules For All Members

1 : Please Respect Each Other In ::bokeen-private~:: ,
If you Have Any Issue With Other
Members , Please Send A Site Pm To Any Moderator Or Admin.

2 : Anyone Who Insult Any Staff Member Will Be get Banned.

3 : The members who are not active till 2 weeks there rank will be down.


Posting Rules

1 : Please Search the forum Before Posting And
Post In The Right Section.

2 : Double Posting Is Called Spamming And spamming is not allow here , Any Double Post Will Be Deleted By
Moderators Or Admins.

3 : You must upload full pic of program

To upload pictures

4 : Post A Scan Result With The Thread , the Scan Result MUST BE A new
Scan Result , And Post A Picture Of The Program.

Upload and Scan file to

5 : Upload your tool on]

6 : Replying To Threads Only For Important Issues Only , Please Click
On Thanks.

7 : Any Spam Posts Will Be Deleted , The Spammer will Be Warned For 3
times , After 3 time warning that person will get ban for 3 days,after that 7 day and if he perform same then he will get ban permanently.

8 : Post the scan result pic as well as the scan result link of your tool which your are going to post.

Note : Any Post That don't Follow The Posting Rules Will Be DELETED..

Best Regards bokeen-private Staff...

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